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Dangers of Using Portable Heaters

This week is National Fire Prevention week – the perfect time to be mindful of what puts us in danger at home. One of those not-so-safe home devices we often use this time of year is our portable heater. Portable heaters are convenient and easy to use on chilly nights, but they are also known to cause house fires. In fact, every year about 25,000 residential fires are caused by space heaters.

Although there are a few safety precautions you can take with these heating devices, here’s why you should bite the bullet and invest in a central heating system instead:

You can’t sleep while they’re in use. One reason why a portable heater isn’t the best solution is because you need to shut it off during the night. If you leave your heater on while sleeping, you can pose a serious threat to your health and to your home. But when you switch to central heating, you don’t have to worry about fires or cold nights any longer.

You can’t leave them on for long. Aside from not being able to sleep with a portable heater, it is often said that leaving it running while leaving your home (or even the room) can be just as hazardous. While it is costly to leave any heating system running for long periods of time, keeping your space heater on can can cause more than just an added expense.

You need a specific space for them. While it sure feels nice to sit beside a portable heater, be careful not to get too close. In fact, placing these heaters close to any object, including furniture, is a big no-no. If you do buy a portable heater, be aware that they need their own space away from everything. But of course, your best bet is to have a central heating system in your home.

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