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Why Your HVAC System Isn't Working

HVAC systems are usually very reliable, but there are those few occasions when something goes wrong. While some problems around the home can be easy fixes, heating and cooling is a little more complex. Below are a few of the most common reasons why your HVAC unit is not working and how they can be resolved:

Air Conditioning

Ductwork is cracked. Ductwork is an essential component to your HVAC system. It is the part that delivers cool air from your AC to your home. And when it’s cracked or installed improperly, your cool air cannot be pumped out enough to keep you comfortable. When you call a professional, they can either replace your ductwork or make necessary repairs.

Refrigerant is leaking. Refrigerant leak is a common problem that can affect your AC. Your air conditioning will leak out small amounts of refrigerant if your system is not checked annually. And sometimes the leak is so bad that it prevents your AC from keeping your home cool, so make sure you schedule a service at least once a year, depending on how often you need to cool your home.

Air filter is dirty. If not changed on a regular basis, your air filter can accumulate a lot of dirt. The more dirt that gets caught in your filter, the less effective your AC becomes at cooling off your home. To avoid this issue, change the filter every few months.


Vents are blocked. If your vents are covered by furniture, that could prevent heat from flowing through your home. And if they’re dusty, you could have an even worse problem. If your heat is not working well, check your vents and clear them of dirt or move furniture away if necessary.

Pilot Light is out. Your furnace must be lit at all times in order for your heating to warm up your home optimally. If the light is not blue or is weak, you will need to call a HVAC pro right away to fix the problem, as this may lead to high levels of carbon monoxide.

Installed Improperly. If your heating equipment is not installed properly by a trained professional, you could run into a number of problems when trying to heat your home. To ensure that you hire the right HVAC technician for the job, ask friends and neighbors for referrals and ask to see a license and insurance.

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