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Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Tips

With another sweltering week ahead of us, let’s try to give our air conditioners a break. Unless cranking the AC is a must, consider using these tips to help you save money on your next energy bill:

Use a small unit. If cooling off your entire home with central air isn’t necessary, then turning on a small AC window unit is a good alternative. For example, if you work from home and sit at your office desk all day, there’s no sense in wasting money to cool off other parts of your home when you don’t need it.

Shut off the lights. An obvious solution to saving money on your energy bills is to shut off all other electricity that you don’t need. So if you’re home during broad daylight, relaxing under your AC, make sure the lights are out and all other appliances are unplugged as well. You’d be surprised how much electricity can add up, even when your TV or computer is not in use.

Turn it down before sleep. Leaving your air conditioner running on full blast during the middle of the night isn’t as beneficial as you might think. So turn the thermostat down a notch before slipping into bed to save you hours of unneeded energy.

Use the fan. Take advantage of your ceiling fan and other cooling devices to help keep things cool at home. Your AC drains a lot of energy and money, but if you keep it on a low setting and use smaller fans instead, you can pump a significant amount of cool air around the room and save lots of energy.

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