AC & Heater Repair in San Antonio

Air Conditioning FAQs

Some HVAC questions are simple while others are far beyond what we know. That’s where heating and cooling technicians can help. Most have professional training and have been working with these systems for years. Here are a few common air conditioning FAQs we often receive:

What size air conditioning do I need?
Remember: size does matter, but bigger isn’t always better. An AC too big for your home will run more like an AC from 30 years ago – it will turn on quickly and then rapidly shut off. However, an AC too small will run constantly trying to cool your home without success. What you want to measure is the square footage of your home times 25 and then divide that number by 12,000. Lastly, subtract 0.5 from that number. Your answer will determine whether you need a 3-ton sized AC unit or more.

Why does air conditioning smell?
Got “Dirty Sock Syndrome?” A smelly AC system could be a simple growth of mold and bacteria on the coil. As mold and bacteria grow on the coils, they are are dispersed through the ducts to areas throughout your home.

The HVAC system in my new home doesn’t work. What now?
If the system in your new home is more than ten years old, it most likely needs to be replaced. But before you purchase a new system, contact your local HVAC technician to see if it’s just a matter of changing the filter or the thermostat is on the wrong settings.

Got more questions? We’ve got your answers! At Schmidt Mechanical, we are here to help you prepare your air conditioning needs for the hot summer ahead. To learn more about the services we and efficient AC units offer, give us a call at (210) 361-7002 or visit our website.