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5 Tips to Cool Down Your Pets

Your pet is pretty cool, so why not keep them that way? The summer heat can be tough on animals, especially cats and dogs with a lot of fur. Could you imagine going through a San Antonio summer with a thick layer of hair encasing your body? No thank you! Unfortunately, your pet doesn’t have a choice, so it is up to you to keep them cool this summer.

To make sure you are the best owner you can be, check out these awesome tips for keeping your pet cool this summer:

Know Your Breed
If your pet is brachycephalic — or has a flat-shaped face — like Pugs, Pekingese, Boston terriers and Persian cats, they cannot pant as effectively and are more susceptible to heat stroke. To combat their shortcomings, you need to provide them with ample time in the air conditioner and keep them extra hydrated.

Beat the Sun
Exercise is important, but you need to be mindful of the temperature and the heat index. If your dog loves to get outside and play in the yard, let him/her do so in the morning hours to avoid the intense heat. As it gets later in the day, let them come inside, lay on the cool floor and enjoy the comfort of the air conditioner.

Leave Them Home
Even if your dog or cat loves taking rides in the car, it might not be the best thing for them. In the summer months, the temperature in cars can rise to almost 140°F! Temperatures that high can be dangerous to animals, humans and almost anything that lives and breathes. Next time you head to the store, it might be best to leave Spike at home.

Keep Them Hydrated
The air conditioner can help keep your pet cool, but water is what keeps them going. If they have spent time outside, make sure you put their bowl in a place that almost forces them to drink when they come in. Dogs pant to help regulate their body temperature, but that also results in the loss of fluids from their system. The heat results in more panting, so it also requires you to provide more water.

Maintain Your A/C
We know pets love the air conditioner, so the last tip would be to make sure your cooling unit is working effectively. You owe it to your pet to keep their favorite appliance, the air conditioner, running at maximum efficiency.

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