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Staying Cool During a Power Outage

When the San Antonio heat reaches its peak, many of us run inside to enjoy the comfort of our air conditioners. But what if the electricity that powers your cooling unit was knocked out? Where would you go? What would you do to keep your family cool? All of these questions will run through your head in the event of a power outage, and for good reason. But lucky for you, the answers are right here:

The Dangers of Heat
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), heat is the number one weather related killer in the United States, taking around 400 lives per year. This is more than floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and any other natural disasters that may occur. Keeping this in mind, you need to take heat exhaustion and hot temperatures very seriously during a power outage.

Staying Cool Off the Grid

  1. Hanging damp towels in the doorways of your home can help cool you down. When the water from the towels begins to evaporate, it will remove heat from the air around you.
  2. Taking a cool bath is another way to reduce your body temperature. Filling the tub with cool water and soaking yourself for a minute or so really goes a long way. Not only does it help cool you off, but it will help slow down the effects of dehydration.
  3. Electric fans are great when the power is running, but when it fails, you need to turn to batteries for assistance. Battery powered fans come in all different sizes and it is good to have at least one around for precautionary measures.

When the power goes out, it is important to stay calm and have a plan in place to deal with it. When it comes back on, your plan should be to call the experts at Schmidt Mechanical for all of your HVAC needs. Whether you need help getting your system through the summer or preparing for winter, we will be here every step of the way.

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