AC & Heater Repair in San Antonio

DIY or Hire?

Your HVAC system is a fundamental part of your home’s efficiency and comfort, so taking care of it is of the essence. But how do you know which projects to take into your own hands and which to ask for assistance with? Rule of thumb is to consider your safety and skills.

Some projects are simple. All that’s needed is a handy toolbox and a little knowledge of how to handle certain equipment, such as your thermostat and air filter. Below are a few projects to consider taking care of on your own:

  • Switch the thermostat to its proper setting
  • Change the air filter each month
  • Remove leaves and debris from the outdoor condenser unit
  • Clean the fan blades of your cooling unit (shut the power off first)
  • Vacuum your air vents

Of course, if you are ever in doubt of how to handle these DIY projects, please give a professional who handles such projects on a regular basis.

Sometimes there are certain projects that require the right tools and expertise far beyond what most of us know. That is, unless you’ve studied and practiced in the HVAC field. Here are some projects you might want to call in a professional to fix:

  • Repairing your heating system
  • Repairing your AC unit
  • Installing parts
  • Insulating your home

Any of these projects can cause complications in your home if not taken care of professionally. From carbon monoxide to refrigerant chemicals, avoid putting your safety at risk by picking up the phone and calling Schmidt Mechanical. We are here, 24/7 for all your emergency needs. To learn more about the services we offer, give us a call at (210) 361-7002 or visit our website.