AC & Heater Repair in San Antonio

Easy Home Heating Fixes

Your home heating can seem complicated at times. However, the good news is that there are a few matters you can take into your own hands before calling in a professional. So before you jump to the conclusion that your furnace needs a repair or replacement, try these hacks:

1. Make sure your furnace is working by making sure the switch it turned to “Heat” rather than to “Cool. And double check the temperature setting (it should be set to five degrees higher than the room temperature). If all else fails, replace the battery.

2. A clogged furnace filter can lower the efficiency of your furnace. So be sure to check the filter at least once per season and replace even if it’s not completely dirty – that way you won’t have to worry about heating issues on the coldest winter day.

3. Is the gas turned off? Trace the gas line back from the furnace to the meter – is there a handle that’s perpendicular to the gas pipe? If so, turn it so it’s facing parallel. If you have a boiler at home instead, check to see if the pilot light is out by removing the front panel and the burner cover.

4. Sometimes your ductwork can have a leak and other times it can be blocked by an object. If your furnace is working, but one or two rooms are cold, make sure all the room registers are open. Then examine your ductwork (specifically, the gaps in between different sections). Seal any gaps with metal duct tape, as this can prevent leakage.

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