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The Perfect Sleeping Temperature

Setting the perfect temperature in your home for a good night’s sleep is debatable. Some prefer it cooler while others like it slightly more toasty. So how do you know what the “perfect” indoor room temperature is? Here are a few signs you might need to adjust your thermostat:

You’re layering up. If you’re wrapped up in several blankets, this is a telltale sign that your home is too cold for your body temperature. So although many say that 68 degrees is the most comfortable room temperature, remember that your body might react differently – so adjust accordingly.

You can’t sleep. If your room isn’t set to a comfortable temperature, your body fights its natural temperature, which can cause you to feel under the weather. Think of it this way: if your body is too hot or too cold, your body struggles to achieve its “set point”, which means it must work harder to stay comfortable. Trial and error is the best plan of action – see how your body reacts from night to night. If you wake up shivering, turn up the temperature. If you wake up in a sweat, you probably need to turn it down a notch.

You’re sweating in your sleep. In the event that you wake up perspiring (especially in the middle of the night), chances are your home is too warm for your comfort. Before slipping into bed, be sure to set properly for your body temperature – “the temperature your brain is trying to achieve”. Although you don’t want the room to be too chilly, it is typically better to sleep in a mildly cooler room, as you are less likely to wake up during mid sleep.

Taking these signs into consideration, the recommended temperature for sleeping is between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. However, set the temperature at a comfortable level, even if that means dropping it 2 degrees lower or higher.

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