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Green New Year's Resolutions

Still looking for a New Year’s resolution? Why not Go Green? When it comes to greening the home, even the smallest changes can make a significant difference. If your 2016 goal is to make a positive change in your community, start off small by making these effortless changes:

Skip the cleaning chemicals – By swapping out heavy chemical-based household cleaners for green cleaners instead, you can reduce the air pollution in your home and create a more comfortable living space. This includes asthma and allergy triggers as well. Bonus tip: always be sure to read labels before using.

Donate – Rather than dumping out your outdated and unused household items, donate them to local thrift stores and charity organizations. The benefit? For every piece of clothing donated, 27 pounds of carbon emissions are reduced. You will also be helping those in need throughout your community!

Turn off electric – Make it a habit to turn off all electronics before bed. All that hooked up wiring can cause you to waste unneeded energy (and money). Not to mention, you waste a ton of global electricity. So go green by unplugging at night and when you leave the house for more than a few hours.

Improve your insulation – There are many ways to upgrade the insulation in your home, such as blown-in insulation and securing windows and doors. You can also switch up your energy-sucking window treatments for thermal shades in stead. Not only can they block out the sun during summer, but they also retain heat in winter.

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