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Home Comfort Tips for Winter

With all the heat and dry air you’re exposed to in your home, chances are you’re feeling slightly stuffy and uncomfortable. Just imagine how a few minor steps can breathe new life into your home again! Here are a few tips we suggest:

1. Install a humidifier for dry air
Using your heat all winter long can leave you feeling dry and stuffy. A humidifier can fix that! Humidifiers help make the dry air in your home more comfortable simply by boosting humidity levels through distributing water vapor.

2. Open curtains
Give yourself a break from all that dry, forced heat by opening up your curtains and letting the sun warm up your home. Not only will it increase humidity levels, but it can also boost your mood! Just be sure to close them back up at night when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop.

3. Vacuum often
If you have forced air heating, you can experience a lot of blown dust in your home. That is, unless you thoroughly and frequently vacuum your vents. And no home can be comfortable when you have dust bunnies every in every corner. So make it a habit to vacuum as often as possible – especially if your heat is on full blast this winter.

4. Improve air quality with plants
One of the most natural ways to increase your home’s comfort is to add more plants to your home. There are several plants that can clean the air in your home, such as aloe and bamboo. These are easy to find and look beautiful in your home as well!

At Schmidt Mechanical, your comfort is our top priority. That is why we offer many home heating and cooling solutions to make your home feel its best. Our trained professionals are here for any and all of your home heating needs this winter. To learn more about the services we offer, give us a call at (210) 361-7002 or visit our website.