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Inexpensive Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

When cold weather creeps up, you’ll find more urge to switch the heat on. Although cranking the heat can help you sleep more comfortably at night, you also risk increasing your energy costs.

There’s almost nothing worse than receiving a shockingly high heating bill at the end of each month. So to help you keep costs down, here are four ways you can keep warm without breaking the bank:

Turn down heat in areas you don’t use
You might think that heating the entire house will make you feel warmer. But the truth is, you’re only wasting energy. So if you sleep upstairs, for instance, lower the heat downstairs. Then switch the heat on when you wake up and walk downstairs in the morning. The same rule applies for when you leave the house for hours at a time or go on vacation.

Use the fireplace
Any source of natural heating can save you money on energy bills, and the most popular source of natural heating is your wood burning fireplace. If it’s a really cold night, chances are you’ll need both. But when it doesn’t break freezing temperatures outside, you can probably get away with just burning wood.

Add extra blankets
Bundling up is one of the most cost efficient ways to stay warm in the winter! Whether it be fleece throws or an electric blanket, you can significantly lower the cost of heating simply by sleeping under extra layers of warmth.

Seal cracks in windows
Feel a draft in the home? You might need to seal the cracks in your windows to keep the cool air out. You can raise the heat as high as you want, but if your home is drafty, all that warm air will escape, leaving you cold (and with a higher energy bill).

Aside from these tips, one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to keep warm this winter is to insulate your home. If your home isn’t fully insulated yet, contact Schmidt Mechanical. We offer blown-in insulation services and financial options to help you save the most money! To learn more about our services call (210) 361-7002 or visit our website.