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Common Energy Saving Myths Debunked

In a world where everyone seems to be an energy saving guru, it can be difficult to separate myth from fact. Some might claim to know it all, but we have been in this business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. We know you want to save money on your energy bill, but it is important to make sure you are utilizing the right information.

Myth: Leaving a ceiling fan on at all times will help cool down your home.
It is always important to remember that your ceiling fan cools down your body, not your room. Fans are designed to circulate the air and give you a nice breeze. But unlike an air conditioner, a fan does not alter the room temperature at all.

Myth: Changing the temperature a thermostat will cool down the room faster.
Altering the temperature on a thermostat has no effect on the speed at which a room cools. Lowering the temperature will only force the cooling unit to work longer and harder. If you don’t want to worry about controlling your thermostat, a programmable version is probably your best bet.

Myth: If air is leaking from my home it must because of my windows and doors.
Windows and doors play a large role in the loss of conditioned air, but they are not the main culprits. A lot of the air that escapes your home is coming from leaky ducts and holes in your attic. While weatherstripping your windows and doors is a good start, you must seek proper insulation throughout all areas of your home.

Myth: Leaving the A/C running actually uses less energy than turning it on and off.
No matter what the circumstances, shutting down your cooling unit when it is not in use is always beneficial. Turning the A/C back on does use energy, but not nearly as much as leaving it running during unnecessary hours.

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