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Dealing With Air Conditioner Odors

Having an air conditioner that blows out foul odors is the quickest way to make your home smell like a foot. It is best to tackle these problems quickly, because little odor problems can swiftly spread their way throughout your home. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent/clean a stinking problem inside your cooling unit.

Look for the source
Disassembling your outdoor HVAC unit can help you ‘sniff’ out the problem. Depending on the model, begin removing the access panels on the top or sides of your cooling unit. Once you have the panels removed, take a flashlight and examine the inside of the unit for any possible traces of the odor. Oftentimes it is condensation from the refrigerator coils or a clogged drain that causes foul smelling mold. But sometimes it could be animal feces or the dead animals themselves.

Clean your unit
In the rare case that an animal is causing your problem, remove the source of the odor. Once you have removed any possible debris, start cleaning your coils with a foaming coil cleaner. Give it some time to break up the dirt and grime and then hose it down thoroughly.

Check the drain line
Mold tends to build up wherever there is moisture, and there is certainly moisture in your drain line. Flushing out your drain line can help remove the mold that might be causing your problem. After removing the line, clean it with bleach and hot water and make sure you put it right back where you found it.

Check the filters
Your HVAC filters are the last line of defense between your air conditioner and your home. They are designed to catch any dust, mold or mildew and eventually the stuff they catch will start to smell.

After cleaning your air conditioner, turn it back on and test the air with a few sniffs. If the odor persists, your problem may be in your duct-work.

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