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10 Tips for Energy Savings

Saving energy this summer is the first step to keeping money in your pocket. Keeping you and your family out of the heat does not have to run you dry. Here are some tips for saving money and energy this summer:

78 Degrees
This is not Nick Lachey’s new band. This is the recommended “cruise control,” temperature for your A/C. Raising the temperature by even a few degrees could cost you up to 40% more in energy costs.

Shade your Home
Planting a tree can cool your energy costs by up to 25%. It’s really just common sense. Keeping the sun off of your home cools it down, thus lightening the workload for your cooling unit. In the long run this will save you a ton on those costly energy bills.

Size Matters
If you place your A/C in a window, it is better to go small than large. Larger units work faster but they turn on and off more frequently, this is a big no no when it comes to energy savings.

Ceiling Fans
Running a ceiling fan clockwise during the summer can help circulate cool air throughout your home. This allows a single cooling unit to expand its reach further than average.

Maintenance is Key
Hosing down your central air unit is vital to keeping it running efficiently and save you from costly repairs.
Disclaimer: Make sure you turn it off first!

Room to Breathe
Whether you have a window unit or central air, giving it room to breathe is important. If you restrict the airflow to and from the cooling unit you will cause it to overheat. Overheating forces it to work harder which forces you to pay more! Keep flowers and deck furniture at least 2 feet away from an outdoor central air conditioner.

Programmable Thermostat
There is no need to have your A/C on full blast when you leave the house. A programmable thermostat will raise the temperature to fit your time out of the house. This worry free method could save you hundreds!

While your old cooling unit might still work, it is wasting more energy than it is producing. Newer models work more efficiently so don’t be scared away by the initial cost.

Portable Units
A portable A/C unit (window unit), uses about 50% less energy than a central air system to cool the same space.

Close Your Vents
Have you noticed that your basement is always the coolest room in the house? Cold air sinks towards the ground, closing the vents into your basement will force that air to stay up.

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