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7 Budget Friendly Ways to Stay Cool

We know that running your air conditioner can get expensive. And on 95 degree afternoons, it seems like there’s no better option. Before you assume the worst, here are 7 ways you can keep cool without using too much of your AC:

Tip 1. Let the air in
Open the windows on both sides of your home to get a cross breeze on hot, humid days – especially during nights after the sun sets.

Tip 2. Use the fan
Especially when cooking or bathing, turn on the exhaust fan to reduce moisture and heat.

Tip 3. Buy an air filter
Consider buying an air cleaner or filter to eliminate pollution particles. They can be installed in the ducts of an forced-air system or an AC system.

Tip 4. Plant tall trees
Block out heat during peak times of the day by planting tall trees for more shade around your home.

Tip 5. Switch the fans on
Give the whole house an extra breeze by turning your AC down and your fans up. The gentle breeze will cool of your skin and moderate the cost of cooling.

Tip 6. Fix your weatherstripping
Don’t let heat seep into your home – fixing the weatherstripping to seal up your windows and keep the heat out.

Tip 7. Purchase a new AC system
If all else fails, it might be time to purchase a new air conditioner.

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