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More AC Facts You Didn't Know

We know the talk about air conditioning can be pretty mundane. Most homeowners just want to know that their systems are working well and call it a day. But to us, there are so many fascinating facts that make us appreciate AC that much more!

To prove it, here are 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know:

Throwback Facts

  • Before the invention of AC, cavemen used caves or earthen burrow dwellings to protect themselves from heat. The Egyptians hung wet reeds in windows to chill the breeze coming into their comes.
  • Many consider Willis Haviland Carrier to be the father of air conditioning. Willis was an American engineer who built the first AC unit in 1902 to lower the humidity levels inside his printing company building.
  • By the year 1917, the first AC made its way into a cinema, which became an escape for people who needed a break from their hot and humid homes.
  • In 1953, the total number of AC units sold in the U.S. exceeded 1 million.

Flash Forward Facts

  • In 2002, approximately 6.7 million AC units were produced
  • Air conditioning helped to develop computer technology and manufacturing
  • Manufacturing companies are making the switch from old, traditional refrigerant, R22 to R-410A. By removing chlorine from AC refrigerants, it makes them “ozone friendly”.

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