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Prepping Your Home for Summer Vacation

School’s out for summer! Are you planning a family vacation?

Guard your home and lower utility bills while you’re away by following this simple checklist:

Step 1: Shut off the water
After a relaxing getaway, the last thing you want is to come home to a plumbing issue. To prevent leaks or drain problems, turn off the water at the main shut-off valve. This includes turning off the ice maker, sprinkler system, and pool.

Step 2: Clean the pantry
If you plan on being away for more than seven days, clean out the pantry. This will save you from having to call the exterminator when you find out expired food or open bags cause an insect issue. Check expiration dates and clear out what you don’t need.

Step 3: Save on hot water
Save your electric bill heating water while you’re away by setting it to “vacation” mode. By not switching on this setting, you’ll run up your bill when it’s least necessary.

Step 4: Turn up the thermostat
Turn your thermostat to about 85 degrees. In doing so, you will not only save money on cooling but also protect your plants and furniture. You can also ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on the temperature for you and water plants as needed.

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