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Ways to Sleep Well Without Air Conditioning

No one wants to go to bed and wake up in a sweat – probably the no.1 reason we’re so addicted to air conditioning. But as you know, AC can get pricey, which is why some choose not to install AC in their home – typically not a big deal until it’s time for bed. Luckily, there are several alternative ways you can cool off:

Switch the bed sheets
First order of business is to swap out your fleece or flannel sheets for cotton ones instead – any material that’s more breathable. This will allow more air to circulate under the covers, leaving you feeling more comfortable and dry.

Turn your fan around
You might think that facing the fan towards you is the best direction. Instead, try pointing it towards an open window to try to “suck” the hot air out of your room and pull the cool air in from the outside.

Shut off your electronics
As we all know, appliances can generate a lot of extra heat. So shut down before bed and give your bedroom time to cool off. This includes laptops, TVs, and even heat-generating lights.

Shower before sleep
Cool your body down before bedtime by taking a cool or lukewarm shower. This will help get rid of excess sweat and lower your body temperature.

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