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Easing Indoor Allergens at Home

Spring is right around the corner, which means spring blossoms will be blooming. And for many seasonal allergy sufferers, unfortunately it’s almost that time of year for itchy eyes and runny noses. Fortunately, you don’t need to suffer if you take action. Here are a few tips for easing indoor allergens at home and keeping allergies at bay:

Wash everything. Pollen becomes airborne at home the moment you open your door and windows – even for just minutes. It also sticks to your clothing and shoes. So as soon as you walk in the door when allergens are at a high point, wash your hair, your clothes, as well as other fabrics that allergens can easily hold onto.

Take advantage of steam heat. Another way to keep allergens out of the home is to vacuum or steam upholstered furniture as well as carpets. Repeat at least twice a week to control pollen as best as possible.

Clean bedroom fabrics. Allergies can often be most uncomfortable when you’re sleeping. To protect yourself from dust mites, enclose pillows, mattresses, and box springs in a zippered allergen proof casing.

Keep windows closed. As much as we love the fresh air, we recommend that if you suffer from allergies, you keep the windows closed as much as possible. This means using your AC more often, but when your health is at risk, spending a bit more on energy at home can be well worth it.

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