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Natural Ways to Reduce Humidity

You know those summers when your clothes stick to your skin and you roll around in bed trying to cool off and get comfortable? Well, in the south it happens typically every year. But instead of wasting energy and money trying to take humidity levels down a notch, try these natural methods:

1. Take cooler showers
Steam from hot showers can fog up a room and create a humid environment in the home. It can also increase air movement, making you feel less stuffy. If you must take a hot shower, try cracking open a window instead of using the fan so much, as this will save you energy.

2. Houseplants keep moisture down
For those extremely humid days and nights, houseplants can come in handy! Plants that can absorb humidity in your home include:
Boston Fern – survives best in direct sunlight and moist soil.
English Ivy – minimal sunlight needed, but needs lots of moisture.
Reed Palm – keep soil moist and keep in a well-lit area if you want it to grow taller

3. Maintain your HVAC system
Sometimes dirt in the condenser coil prevents system lock moisture in the air, creating a more humid environment in your home. To keep humidity levels down (and save money), have your HVAC system properly maintained by a professional.

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