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Planting Trees for Texas Shade

Let’s face it: summers in Texas are uncomfortably hot that all you want to do is stay indoors. And even then, you find yourself reaching for your AC unit and even the fan. When the sun radiates through your home, you’re only escape is to crank the cool air. But did you ever think of this energy alternative: planting trees.

Why you need trees
Trees planted on the south side of your home can prevent the sun from heating up your home (especially through your windows). You can also benefit from planting them around your air conditioning unit to encourage more air flow. But make sure they are tall, as shrubs will only reduce your cooling efficiency.

Types of trees you need
If you live in the hot, Texas climate, these trees can provide you with the greatest amount of shade:

Cedar Elm – Extremely drought tolerant, this large tree grows to be 90 feet tall.

Chinese Pistache – Simple to maintain, this tree can grow to be 40 to 50 feet tall, and 30 feet wide. They are also pest and heat tolerant, making it perfect for hot, humid climates.

Live Oak – One of the most beneficial trees to plant for summer. These trees live long and have one of the most unique types of branches you will ever see.

Monterrey Oak – This dark to light gray based tree has deep green leaves and grows 40 feet tall. They are a smart option for urban landscapes.

Plant these trees for summer and say goodbye, Texas sun – hello, shade!

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