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Spring Energy Saving Tips

With spring being just days away, you might be thinking about the hot summer ahead. When the heat and humidity creep into your home you can’t help but crank the cool air. These tips might prevent you from needing to:

Block out the sun
Before hot weather returns, switch up your window treatments. Buying dark, blackout curtains can block out the sun and help keep warm air out, especially on the west side of your home where the sun is strongest.

Change your lights
Whether it be LED or halogen light bulbs, either option is smarter than your current incandescent lights. Only about 10 to 15 percent of the electric in your current bulbs result in light – the rest of the energy is turned into heat, which means higher utility bills.

Seal window cracks
Now is the time to seal cracks and openings in your windows to prevent hot air from leaking into your home. To complete this task, you will need the proper caulk and weatherstripping.

Clean efficiently
There’s no doubt that you’ll be tidying up the home this spring more so than you have in recent months. Remember that when washing (your dishes and laundry) that using cold water and shutting it off when not necessary can save you the 18 percent of energy that is consumed by water heating in your home.

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