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More Natural Ways to Cool Your Home

Let’s face it: when the temperature outside is too hot to bear, we reach for the thermostat and blast some cool, refreshing air without thinking about money or energy. But we must say, more and more homeowners are searching high and low for the most energy efficient and cost effective ways to stay cool. As your neighborhood AC guy in San Antonio, we’d like to share a few natural cooling methods:

Plant Trees
Although it’s no quick fix, planting trees can help keep your home cool in the long run. The best place to plant greenery is on the south and west sides of your home where your home receives the most sunlight.

No matter how much cool air you blast, if your home doesn’t have proper insulation, you could be wasting money and energy. So insulate the fundamental areas, like the attic and basement. Choose 2-inch-thick insulation to reduce ceiling heat gains and maximize ventilation.

Cook Outdoors
Ever complain of getting too hot in the kitchen when using the oven and stove top? This is a surefire way to heat up your home and minimize your air conditioning’s efforts. That being said, it’s best to cook outdoors whenever possible – put up a grill and celebrate the start of summer!

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