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More Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC unit is an essential household system, but it sure isn’t the prettiest to look at. Make your outdoor unit look more discrete with these creative ideas:

Block off your unit with a polished wooden box, but keep the top open for simple access.

Box it off with an artificial outdoor boxwood hedge – easy to maintain and blends in with the rest of your yard.

Assemble a simple effective garden trellis to extend to the left and cover the utility meters and unit. Grow a vine along it for a unique touch.

A simple and versatile solution is to plant a trio of large pots, each planted with ornamental grass.

Grow a verticle garden with old wooden pallets around your HVAC unit.

Liven up the space around your HVAC unit by growing a colorful garden around it. This may night disguise the unit completely, but it will keep it from standing out like a sore thumb.

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