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How to Sleep Comfortably On Hot Nights

As the weather heats up, many of us find it more difficult to get comfortable at night. So we crank our AC units, not realizing how much energy and money we’re wasting. Luckily, there are many alternative ways to stay cool.

Here are just a few DIY tips to get you through those hot summer nights:

Choose cotton. Save the silk, satin, and polyester sheets for cooler seasons. Lightweight bed linens like cotton (or Egyptian) are breathable and great for stimulating airflow in the bedroom.

Create a cross-breeze. Place a fan directly across from your window, so the outside breeze comes in contact with the fan. Go all out on the hottest of nights by setting up multiple fans in your room for even more air!

Get loose. Less is more – especially when it comes to summer sleepwear. Choose a loose fitted cotton shirt and shorts as opposed to flannel.

Attend to your pulses. Pamper yourself for an instant cool-down with ice packs and cold compresses. Place them on the sweet spots – pulse points at the neck, wrist, ankles, and behind your knees.

Turn off the lights. It’s essential! Light bulbs are known to give off excess heat, which means it’s important to shut them off at night. Luckily, summer means more sunlight, so take advantage of it. Light a candle at the dinner table instead and if you must have light when you sleep, try a nightlight.

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