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  • Heating Costs vs Cooling Costs
    Heating Costs vs Cooling Costs

    With the summer heat in full effect, it can be hard to imagine an end to this madness. But the good news is, the seasons will change and relief is in sight! When the cooler weather rolls in, it is ...

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  • The Perfect Sleeping Temperature
    The Perfect Sleeping Temperature

    Setting the perfect temperature in your home for a good night’s sleep is debatable. Some prefer it cooler while others like it slightly more toasty. So how do you know what the “perfect” indoor room ...

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  • Easy Home Heating Fixes
    Easy Home Heating Fixes

    Your home heating can seem complicated at times. However, the good news is that there are a few matters you can take into your own hands before calling in a professional. So before you jump to the ...

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  • Common Furnace Questions
    Common Furnace Questions

    Sometimes problems occur with your furnace that are beyond what most of us understand. At Schmidt Mechanical, we receive many inquiries about these complex appliances and want to share a little ...

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  • Home Comfort Tips for Winter
    Home Comfort Tips for Winter

    With all the heat and dry air you’re exposed to in your home, chances are you’re feeling slightly stuffy and uncomfortable. Just imagine how a few minor steps can breathe new life into your home ...

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  • Inexpensive Ways to Keep Warm This Winter
    Inexpensive Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

    When cold weather creeps up, you’ll find more urge to switch the heat on. Although cranking the heat can help you sleep more comfortably at night, you also risk increasing your energy costs. There’s ...

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